Treasure Hunting

The thing I love most about doing what I do is arriving in the early morning in a field, often in the middle of nowhere, and wondering what treasures await.  I then spend the next few hours making new friends (hopefully), learning new things, sometimes wishing I had a bottomless purse to spend on an exquisite piece of porcelain, glass or similar but then finding something that has my name all over it - oh the joy of acquisition is a truly primeval thing - it's the letting go again that can be hard!  There are also days when it is pouring - and I learnt early on not to buy expensive glass in the rain as raindrops can mask all manner of little cracks - or freezing which makes us all grumpy and less likely to take our gloves off in order to swap money.  And wind, don't talk to me about wind - those bleak Lincolnshire airfields - dealers helplessly trying to keep large items upright and the sound of smashing glass and diminishing profits.  I have also learnt that it is important to respect the knowledge and expertise of a large number of the dealers you meet - those that have only your hard-earned cash in their sights you only visit once - caveat emptor my friends and there have been occasions when I just have not caveated enough - nothing can make the heart sink like getting your favourite buy of the day home and washing it carefully to reveal a chip, a crack, a mismatch - the pitfalls are endless!  I therefore try to be as rigorous as I possibly can in the inspection of everything I sell on - integrity is a cornerstone of my business ethos.  As the temporary custodian of a each piece I want to make sure it goes back out into the world exactly as described - one reason that I wanted to put my own name on the shopfront.