As I type it is no longer pitch black at 4.30 in the afternoon and as the levels of light rise so does my joy - I am also a smug disciple of no sugar February and am now quite happy to trade in my Crunchies for off-the-chart energy!  These extra little rays of sunshine also make it much easier to spot those little chips and cracks when hunting out goodies in the early morning light - rain is also the glass collectors enemy as it disguises all manner of imperfections and there has been a lot of that about too (rain not imperfections).  However, I have heroically put such discomforts aside and am busy re-stocking for the new year - so excited by some of my new treasures, a small sample of which I have added to my website but there is so much more to find here in my stockroom.  As the countdown to Easter and the wedding season begins get ahead of the game with a little vintage retail therapy - just message me via my Facebook page or this website if you would like a bit of personal shopping - I always love company in my little emporium.