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About Serena Bradbeer

From my first job as a student porter at Christie’s South Kensington in London I have loved all things old and unique.

I am based in the Vale of Belvoir and take great pleasure in scouring my neighbourhood and beyond, including the world-famous Newark Antiques Fair and numerous local auction houses to hand-pick a range of interesting and affordable vintage treasures, from Georgian glassware to art-deco silver, decorative porcelain and other intriguing curiosities and objets d’art, the likes of which you cannot find on the high street.

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  • Good morning - you may notice that the shelves are a little bare ... my Christmas sale season is almost at an end and thank you to all those gorgeous people who have loved my things as much as I have and given beautiful and various treasures new homes, many bought as gifts which perhaps the donors will find as hard to part with as I have?  I do still have a few pieces here and would welcome a visit to my work-room here near Grantham if you are looking for something unique and personal - a present with a past (see what I did there?).  Please just send me a message.  Alternatively I am so technologically advanced that I have successfully managed a "shop via Skype" with a virtual tour of my wares and am more than happy to give it another try!  

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  • Technical Issues
  • I have just discovered that there is a fault with the check-out function of my website and so whilst these lovely items can be admired I am afraid they cannot be bought!  If there is something on these pages that you love please let me know and I can arrange payment via e-mail.  Alternatively I have just re-stocked my etsy shop and can be found there or on instagram.  Thank you for your patience.

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  • Addendum to An Apology
  • Hooray - I am indeed a technical genius - what do you think of my photographs?  I myself am extremely proud of my photographic achievements (and after only several days of endless struggle, sweat, tears and the application of varied and exciting profanities) and hope that they do justice to the loveliness of the things they depict - and if not at least they are all the same size ..... 

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